A (highly opinionated) guide to navigating those darker hours

If I had to sum up the personality I cultivate in my interactions towards others, I’d say: cheerful. There’s no deception in that. I am optimistic and find great joy in my life… even though that joy is born from a contradictory place. In the past, I’ve had to weigh my life again and again if only to conclude that yes, it is good and valuable. My medical chart reads: major depression, severe, episodic, non-psychotic. Basically, in an ill twist of genetics, I’ve lived in and out of periods of depression since I was 11. With the exception of elementary…

Good for visually clean data apps for clients who don’t want to go playing with your code

So first off, Streamlit isn’t exactly a notebook platform. It does, however, inherit key ideas from literate programming just like a computational notebook platform: you write Markdown to narrate what’s going on in a program, and you can easily render data tables and plots in an interactive document. For its intended use case, Streamlit is absolutely fantastic, and a refreshingly different take in an otherwise crowded space of today’s literate programming tools that tend to stick close to mimicking Jupyter notebooks.

Back in 2017 I ran a study where we interviewed regular (professional) users of Jupyter Notebooks to better characterize…

Mary Beth Kery

PhD student studying programming behavior / designing dev tools from the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University.

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